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Real Estate Agent Empowering Black Wealth Through Her Apparel Line!

Updated: May 23, 2020

On this edition of our Small Business Spotlight we spoke with real estate agent Farah Monvil (@FarahTheRealtor) about her wealth empowerment apparel line. Farah is taking a bold approach to financial education by putting it where you can’t miss it, on your clothing!

New Culture Blueprint was founded in the year 2019 by licensed real estate agent Farah Monvil. What started out as an Instagram live segment titled Walkthrough Wednesday, in which she educated Philadelphia homebuyers and sellers about real estate, her brand quickly turned into a passion for a bold merchandising statement.

Farah has focused on shifting the mindset of our culture through fun, thought-provoking and witty slogans personally created by the brand. Their mission as a company is to provide new culture values and provide the blueprint to success. The foundation of catalytic change begins with one's shift in his or her mindset. “Shift the mind, shift the culture". Lastly, be sure to be on the look out for Farah's newest release "Properties Over Purses", which she tells us is set to drop very soon!

The Legal Trap Way!

We decided to do the Small Business Spotlight to show love and support to some of our favorite fellow business owners & entrepreneurs! We'll take a moment to educate our community on these different businesses, their brand model, and a little bit about the inspiration behind their businesses. As small business owners, we are our own biggest asset, so let's all support one another & we will ALL MAKE IT!

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