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Philadelphia Entrepreneur Burst Onto The Event Curation Scene In A Extravagant Way!

Jalisa helps with planning, hosting, and booking what’s needed for you events. She also takes care of your itineraries.

Emeralds Events was founded in 2018 after my friends convinced me to turn all my ”shindigs” into events. I’ve always been good with bringing big crowds together since I was 14 years old. From there I threw get togethers, block parties, party buses, adult proms, pool parties, baby showers, birthday parties, birthday trips, create itineraries etc. Not only do I host these events, but I put in all the legwork behind them. What separates me from my competitors is that not only are my events fun, but they’re memorable, professional, and safe as well. Emeralds Events has a non tolerance for violence or disrespect of any kind. Everything is done strategically no matter how small the event is. I also do give aways and discounts of some sort at my events just to show my appreciation. I want to prove to my community that all parties and events aren’t dangerous, but more so successful experiences for the urban culture.”

We are so proud to feature Jalisa on our Small Business Spotlight being a precious client of ours! She has built her empire ground up and is an excellent example of another one of our queens embracing ownership and wealth creation within our community.

The Legal Trap Way!

We decided to do the Small Business Spotlight to show love and support to some of our favorite fellow business owners & entrepreneurs! We'll take a moment to educate our community on these different businesses, their brand model, and a little bit about the inspiration behind their businesses. As small business owners, we are our own biggest asset, so let's all support one another & we will ALL MAKE IT!

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